Right or wrong

When nothing is right or wrong
When no one is light or shadow
When you think that I go wrong
(There’s) no need to say it with arrows
When you’re standing there with your glowing smile
Every moth will fly ‘round your sorrow
And when I feel I can give you all my heart
All you give back is a broken soul
Now, I’m running so wild
I may be right or wrong
Now, you’re closing your eyes
You may be right or wrong
I’m walking away from home
That’s the best thing I can do
I left you on the crossroad
And the devil came to you
Did you bend or did you break
Did you step into the ring though it was too late
‘Cause love I’m giving you back your pain

Things to Love

Oh things to love
In this bright world of ours
By every way-side
High coloured flowers
There are bright skies
And gorgeous clouds
We love them all for all are gifts
From one kind parent’s hand
Root my will in your soil
And ground my purpose in the stones
Of beauty in the earth below
Or in the heaven above
That thus the tide of human grief
So darkly o’er us rolls
It is not that the earth is dark
But that our eyes are dim
It is not that god loves not us
But that we love not him
Root my will in your soil
And ground my purpose in the stones
Then let us keep within our hearts
Love for all holy things
And we shall find there is no place
For dark imaginings

Based on a poem written by Julia A. Fletcher “Things to love” 1935 (The Gospel Teacher and Sabbath School Contributor) and on the Pagan Earth evocation.


During the lockdown, my son and his lady got married in Tokyo. I couldn’t be there for their wedding and from my pain, Misogi was born. Misogi is a Japanese Shinto Ritual consisting of purifying a person with water. Kanji design : Sayaka Naito.

Homam (It’s not over)

All our dreams build the earth
A million hearts try, try again
Sunny hours, golden fields
Fire surging from an old scar
The wind finds out my thoughts
Carry them with the truth for guide
I stand up, speak out, dance life
It’s not Over
On the music of the stars
Round a black howling circle
Then dive into this deep silence
It’s not Over
Green rain, black hands, grains, ghee, milk, incense, and seeds
It’s not over

As Real as Water

As Real as Water
Oh… my darling is always fadin’
Oh… my all life is still blowin’
You say it’s so unbelievable
It’s true
And now, I can’t resist each of your appeals… you oh…
You’re diving inside of me and it’s so good
And everything is so real just as water, as water
Can’t you see,
You’re always in the dew
Searching for a moment oh that we knew
New deal you make with me
New deal you make with me
You’re just as real as water as real as water


All around the crows
Sisters holding bows
Awaking fate and sake
Waving strength and faith
Wings dispel all wonders
When you spread your feathers
Never leave me Fight inside me Never let me down
You’re my power You’re the warrior I have never known
Never leave hell What they call hell Is our power itself
Wealthy girls Will walk besides you Sisters and comrades
Wings are black as night Spirits burst to a shout
In the night the shapes are glowing
Feet banging the ground Bodies over the oceans
Just like everything and nothing
Sing all the battles you won
‘Cause you won them into the rain
Dance all the fights you’ve given
‘cause they are meant to remain
Shout all over the world
How big your power is ‘cause it’s as big as your heart.
Never let me down I had never known
Such a warrior was inside me
What they’re calling hell 
Is a shelter we built
For the flames to stay away
With the girls beside us 
We will make the world
A land of inspiration
Poetry will reign
And our naked bodies
Will cherish pride and beauty

The Sylph and the Lion


Nyu (Jake’s Incantation)

weɪ əˈpɒn juː ə ɒn ɪz səʊ naʊ
weɪ aon aɪ ɜːθ əʊ əʊ aɪ ɪz səʊ naʊ
siː ɪf aɪ niːl əʊ ˈɔːlweɪz saɪn
siː aɪ faʊnd juː əʊ juː ɪnˈsaɪd
saʊnd ɪn jɔːr ɪz daɪm əʊ əʊ
weɪ faʊnd jɔː jɔː weɪ saʊnd
weɪ faɪnd dɔː yous daɪm əʊ əʊ


Written, composed, and recorded by Lucie Dehli except Nyu (Jo Quail, Jake Harding, Lee Lebens).
Guitars on The Sylph and The Lion by Emile Bombard (Tin Can Soul)
Vocals on Nyu by Jake Harding, Cello by Jo Quail, and guitars by Lee Lebens.
Cello on Misogi by Jo Quail. 
Mixed by Lee Lebens except Misogi & The Sylph and The Lion.
Mastered @lecheneepalace.com by Lucas Serruya
Produced by Lucie Dehli & Lee Lebens (Orient Sun Productions)

Photography and artistic design by Juliette Jacobs
Artwork and typographic design by Mickaël Hoebregs.
Kanji design by Sayaka Naito.

Special thanks to Tina Todd (Poedes), Jeannie, for their patient re-re-re-reading, Marc Urbain & Julie Depireux for helping me to save my life, Kim for her wonderful and warming cooking, and thanks to you, who have this music in your hands, all of this means a lot.