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Lucie DEHLI is a french composer, musician, singer and producer. She started an international musical career with the mythic band Vicious Circle she created with Stefan Ink. Vicious Circle was one of the main bands runned by the label Somebizzare (UK). Then she gave birth to VIEW, and collaborated with the french label DSA (Semantic). VICIOUS CIRCLE & VIEW albums have been reedited many times in Asia, Russia, Australia and Lucie collaborated as a singer with many bands all around the world such as Ignore (DK), SonVer (UK), Attrition (UK) in the field of esotheric and gothic music.

Lucie DEHLI & Stephan INK created a third project called ELEPHANT LEAF, coloured by jazz influences. Meanwhile, Lucie DEHLI extended her vocal skills to Jazz & Blues. She created different bands and sung this repertoire on many stages. She is also the author and creator of « LE CHANT SYNERGIQUE » under her usual name Lucie GAILLARD.
As a soloist, Lucie collaborates on different projects of contemporary, gothic, jazz, atmospheric, blues music. She also writes, composes and produce her solo project music. In addition to her new creations, Lucie is completing a series of new recordings as well as remastered and remixed versions of earlier works.